1. Zero Tolerance Policies for the following:
- Drug or Alcohol use; No engaging in illegal substances, manufacturing, or distribution
- Stealing; Of any type,taking food from others without permission is considered stealing
- Destruction of any Crossing Over property or residents’ property
- Sexual activity between residents
- Physical confrontation or verbal confrontation with any staff or resident

2. Any resident who is on prescribed medications must immediately inform the house manager, and they must be approved. All medications must be taken only as prescribed.

3. As a member of a recovering community, based on the principles of honesty and trust, we request any resident who knows of another resident who has violated the rules of Crossing Over report said behavior to staff. This is crucial to creating a safe and sober environment.

4. Any visitor to Crossing Over will be asked to leave the property immediately if staff suspect any use of illegal or illicit drugs, including alcohol. Residents who have been asked to leave due to their own breach of rules will not be permitted back on the property.

5. All residents must attend 5 manager approved meetings every week for the first 90 days and then 3 meetings per week thereafter. Meeting verification sheets are due Monday morning.

6. Residents must attend all mandatory house meetings and be willing to submit to a drug/alcohol urine screenings upon the request of the manager.

7. Rooms must be clean at all times. Beds are to be made when the resident is not in the bed and no clothes on the No more than 4 pairs of shoes allowed and must be neatly lined up.

8. Curfew and Overnight passes are given out based on the resident’s level after the first 30 days. Residents are not permitted to have overnight guests. All visitors to the property must be approved by staff, remain on first floor, and must be off the property by 8 PM.

9. There is absolutely no loitering in the front of the property. Smoking is prohibited in the house and on the front porch.

10. Residents having unusual job requirements must have staff approval.

11. Residents will participate in ongoing mandatory house chores.

12. Residents must have a 12th step commitment during the stay.

13. Residents must perform at least 10 hours of community service monthly with a prior approved organization. If financially sponsored you must perform 20 hours of community service per month.

14. Residents are not allowed to alter, move, add or change any property including furniture, doors, locks, etc.

15. House managers have final say in their house and report directly to the director.

16. All residents must attend church with the house.

17. Shirts and pants must be worn outside your room.

18. This house operates on a ticket system. If a resident receives a third ticket or “write up”, termination will result without a refund.

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